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Building Higher, Stronger and Better

For many years steel was primarily used for small handheld implements like tools and weapons. But few materials have revolutionized architecture like steel has. As cities grew and railroads were built, steel producers realized the potential value of better steel production methods. Streamlined steel production led to cheaper, better quality steel. When the metal becameRead More »

Ancient Steel Manufacturing

Steel is made by mixing iron ore with carbon. Several ancient groups discovered this combination and used it to forge new technology for their cultures. Some of these groups included China, East Africa, and even Sparta. Though many of their methods have been lost, others have survived into the modern manufacturing process. Today steel isRead More »

Tourists and the Steel Dragon

Officials in Vietnam wanted to build a bridge that would endure weather, time, and tourists to become a cultural icon. The River Hán runs through Da Nang, a port city near the beach. With an airport on one side of the river and beaches on the other, tourists are continually crossing the river. Even withRead More »

Steel vs. Natural Disasters

Constructing a building in areas known for natural disasters can be unnerving. Hurricanes and wild storms can be major threats, so it’s important to keep all new construction with storm protection in mind. Steel particularly can be an asset to strengthen buildings against unpredictable weather patterns. Whether battling natural forces like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires,Read More »

How is steel made?


New River Gorge Bridge: Steel That Continues to Inspire

Until 2003, the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia had the largest arch bridge span in the world. Before that, throughout the 1900s, all the world’s longest arch bridges were in America. One material remained constant in all these bridges—steel. The versatility and speed of steel construction combined with steel’s durability makes it theRead More »

How Can You Stay Safe on a Commercial Construction Site?

  Who’s fell at a construction site? Construction sites have the potential to become accident sites. If something goes wrong while working with large, heavy materials, the consequences can be disastrous. Some of the most common workplace accidents involve falls, objects falling on workers, electrocution, or getting caught in machinery. To keep everyone on theRead More »

Recycled Steel in Homes and Research Stations

Wanna live or work in a shipping container? Converted steel shipping containers have seen a recent spike in popularity. Small, trendy houses made of shipping crates aided in the popularity of recycled steel. Inspired, one group of architects in the Netherlands used shipping crates to create a bus stop with a built in bicycle shop.Read More »

Sustainable Steel

Recycling Steel Steel is a highly sustainable resource, with steel made in the United States consisting of more than ninety percent recycled material. The remaining ten percent is made up of newly processed steel, since there is a greater demand for steel than there is existing steel. Around the world, steel is the most recycledRead More »

Magnetic Drills: An Attractive Alternative

While still mainstays in most fabrication shops, hand-held drills and stationary drill presses are quickly becoming dwarfed in utility by their magnetic cousins. Though it’s true that a standard drill press is capable of providing the power most jobs need, it fails to match the versatility of a portable model that can attach itself toRead More »