How Can You Stay Safe on a Commercial Construction Site?


The Calamities of Construction

Who’s fell at a construction site?

Construction sites have the potential to become accident sites. If something goes wrong while working with large, heavy materials, the consequences can be disastrous. Some of the most common workplace accidents involve falls, objects falling on workers, electrocution, or getting caught in machinery. To keep everyone on the site safe, make sure to know and follow protocol. Sometimes safety protocol goes out of date or gets forgotten, so take responsibility for learning how to protect yourself. Workers should be taught how to use safety equipment. If no instructions about safety are provided, something’s wrong and needs to be addressed. While most protocol is site dependent, there are some simple things you can always do to keep yourself and your co-workers safe no matter where you’re working.


Falls are the most common hazard on commercial construction sites. They’re responsible for one third of all construction fatalities. To prevent falls, follow standard safety regulations. If you are more than six feet in the air, make sure there’s a either a railing beside you, safety harness on you, or net beneath you. It’s illegal to work higher than six feet unprotected on a commercial construction site, but most fatalities related to falls occur when this rule is broken.

Don’t take shortcuts on safety. Learn how to use harnesses and nets. If this equipment is not properly mounted it’s not going to help you. The most dangerous time in a construction zone is when workers get used to hazards. Just because you’ve climbed the same scaffolding hundreds of times doesn’t make you less at risk of falling. Familiarity can lead to lapses in concentration, which can lead to falls. Stay alert and keep your harness on. When carrying tools and equipment up with you, distribute the weight as evenly as possible around your body. That way it will be harder for you to lose your balance.

Falling objects…

The second most common construction site injury is being hit with falling objects. To prevent this, try not to leave building materials lying around unsecured. If you leave something heavy on a high platform, tie it down before you go. Wear protective headgear at all times.

Be observant of exposed wires and electric hazards. Know where they are and work around them. While falls can be avoided with safety equipment, electrocution is best avoided with awareness. Oftentimes workers are electrocuted because someone failed to explain the location of live wires. Don’t let this happen to you. If you don’t know where the live wires are, always ask.

Communication leads to safety

One of the best ways to help your co-workers stay safe is to communicate. If you notice a hazard, warn others about it. Don’t be embarrassed to point out flaws in the safety protocol at your workplace. Unsafe work practices have far reaching consequences. Everyone from co-workers to family members are effected, both financially and personally by a construction worker’s injuries. Small, seemingly insignificant changes to your workplace safety habits could save your life and help those around you. Make safety a habit and it will cease being an inconvenience.