Protecting Your Employees from Themselves

Over time, your employees will become comfortable – complacent, even – with their jobs and their role on the worksite. This is natural and ideal: you want your employees to feel like they know what they are doing on the work site, and be comfortable performing their duties on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to this kind of complacency; perhaps the greatest drawback is employee safety.


That’s How They Get Ya


When your employees are comfortable, complacent, even presumptuous about what they are doing and what is happening on the worksite, that is when accidents can happen. The vast majority of workers are injured while performing their normal, everyday jobs. They are not expecting something out of the ordinary to occur, and so when a dangerous situation arises, they may not be prepared – leading to a serious injury, perhaps even a fatality.

The best way to head off these kinds of unexpected and serious accidents is to supply your employees with the appropriate safety equipment. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, actually has guidelines for what the appropriate safety wear is for particular worksites and jobs. Enforcing these regulations will help to prevent the tragedies that have plagued less vigilant businesses.


How Safe Is Your Construction Site?

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Keeping Your Head and Keeping an Eye Out


Preventing head injuries is perhaps the single most important safety measure you can take at the workplace. Head injuries can cause serious damage to a person, disabling them for life or even killing them. Obviously, this isn’t something you want happening under your watch, which is why making helmets – hard hats, specifically – mandatory for anyone at the work site is a great policy that, when properly enforced, can prevent most if not all major injuries on the worksite.

It is also important that employees protect their eyes from injury. The vast majority of eye injuries on a worksite are caused by small bits of matter – dust, shards, slivers, chips, particles, etc. – striking the eye. This can happen on practically any worksite, as any kind of force or impact can send particles or objects flying great distances.

Simply because a worker is not performing a job that would cause these particles or objects to be produced does not mean they could not be struck in the eye while on the job. Thus, making protective eyewear mandatory is also a great way to prevent these eye injuries from ever happening.


Keep an Ear Out


Worksites also tend to be very noisy places. This is in the nature of the work, and can’t be avoided. However, your employees can prepare themselves for the noise produced by the kind of work that is done on a worksite by wearing protective earplugs and headphones. Even if an employee is not working on a task that is considered loud, the high levels of noise produced by other employees could be enough to seriously damage an employee’s hearing.

Even if an employee’s hearing is not directly at risk, the loud noise produced by a work site can be distracting, to such a degree that it is dangerous for your employees. A single moment of distraction can cause accidents in itself. With hearing protection for your employees on worksites where noise is an issue, you can increase their comfort, improve their focus, and safeguard their sense of hearing.




Silent but Deadly


A more silent, even invisible, and less obvious issue on a worksite is the threat posed by vapors, fumes, and gases. Any worksite where your employees will be working with a potentially toxic substance – even if it is ostensibly contained – is a worksite where a respirator is absolutely necessary. Toxic fumes can cause lasting damage to an employee’s respiratory system and general health, or even death. Respirator use must be mandatory.

There is even more absolutely essential safety equipment out there for your employees, including safety gloves, fall prevention equipment, and more. Fortunately, worksite safety services like those offered by Joseph Fazzio, Inc., can attend to all of your employees’ needs. Once you have developed a comprehensive policy for employee safety, they will work with you to help you fulfill that policy. In the end, you aren’t just saving money, you’re saving lives, and your employees will thank you for it.