One-Stop Industrial Shopping

It can seem impossible to find decent industrial materials here in America, where you can trust that you’re getting what you need and that its quality will meet your high standards. America’s manufacturing industry has always done a high level of work, producing materials and offering industrial services that always delivered, thanks to pride in their work and a culture of excellence.


As manufacturing continues to leave this country and move overseas, it may seem as though you are stuck ordering materials and services from overseas, where you can’t be certain of what you’re getting. Fortunately, there are still plenty of American suppliers of industrial materials and services; you simply have to know where to look.


The Right Materials for the Job


Many industrial suppliers focus on providing materials for businesses to work with on their own. This can include everything from beams to road plates, flat sheets to expanded and metal grating, pipes, tubing, bars, and metal roofing, along with shackles, cable, chain, and wheels. These suppliers know that the right job requires the right materials, which is why these supplies are offered in a wide variety of metals including galvanized, carbon, and stainless steel.




Buying American materials means getting a guarantee about the materials you’re working with. As frustrating as it can be to receive a final product that has been poorly done, American materials and hardware comes with the guarantee that the work you put into shaping it to your purpose won’t be for naught. Industrial American steel will last you for years to come, as these materials are capable of withstanding much of the stress you might put on them.


More than Just Metals


Industrial suppliers can also offer quite a few products that any business can use. Abrasives, cutting tools, hydraulics, welding supplies, and other tools are just some of the supplies for which you can count on your industrial supplier. This variety allows you to order both your materials and the tools you need to work those materials all from the same supplier, with many suppliers offering deals and discounts for the sizable orders that you will likely need in the months and years to come.




It may seem strange to go to an industrial supplier for such simple tools as hammers, wrenches, and pliers, but industrial work requires a certain level of strength and reliability in your tools that most retail hardware stores simply don’t offer. The tools offered by most retailers are often made of low-quality metals, and you can’t guarantee that they will stand up to the stresses industrial work will put on them. Industrial suppliers, on the other hand, know exactly the kind of tools you will need to work with the materials they sell, and will be more than happy to help you acquire everything you need to get the job done.


Safety First, Last, and Everywhere Between


Speaking of getting the job done, one aspect of industrial work that sees an unfortunate amount of neglect is that of safety. Fortunately, the best industrial suppliers know that safety is a key part of the kind of work you do, which is why those suppliers offer safety equipment to help protect you and your employees against the dangers that industrial work entails.


There are a variety of ways in which safety can be improved in an industrial setting, but first and foremost is that of protecting the safety of your person and that of your employees. To that end, personal protection along the lines of jackets, boots, gloves, helmets, and vests are vital.



 Industrial Safety Guide

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If your employees are working at high elevations, fall protection is obviously vital. Of course, in situations where their senses could be damaged, ear, eyes, nose, and face protection are important. Personal protection isn’t all there is to safety at the workplace, of course. Warning tape, work zone safety products, padlocks, and gas cans are all minor safety products that you can sometimes forget to pick up, but without which your employees are genuinely endangered.


Industrial suppliers like Joseph Fazzio, Inc., carry these supplies for just that reason – while you’re planning your next job or picking up supplies and services for your current project, it’s