Family: Why We’re Number One

With the economy in the tank for the last few years, many companies started looking for ways to trim the fat, from mass layoffs to a reduction in the quality of work and materials used to create products and services. At Joseph Fazzio, Inc., we chose to take the path of long-term investment in our company, our employees, and our product, through the implementation of profit-sharing policies.


We’re a family-run business – have been since our founding in 1965. Ultimately, our employees are part of our family, and we want them to share in the success that we’ve enjoyed thanks to their hard work, honestly, and integrity. We owe that success to their relentless drive to satisfy our customers by offering the best products in the industry at the lowest possible prices. Why not share that success?



Family Business Is Big Business!

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The Golden Rule


Profit-sharing strategies can take many forms, but in the United States, it most often is a “profit-sharing agreement” that creates a pension plan maintained by the employer, wherein the employer shares its profits with its employees. Once upon a time, profit-sharing agreements were supplemental to a pension plan called a “defined contribution plan,” but times have changed. Most newer companies only use profit sharing plans and don’t have defined benefits plans.


Of course, becoming a profit-sharing company today isn’t so easy; the tax man wants his due, after all! Profit-sharing agreements must use a predetermined formula to allocate and distribute profits, and that agreement must also define whether allocations will begin after a certain number of years, or after attainment of a certain age. The agreement must also still be tied to the basic compensation of the employee, allocating a certain proportion of the employee’s salary to the participants’ total salary.


Getting What You Pay For



That can all seem a bit technical, but what it comes down to is that the laws in this country make it so that profit-sharing is ethical, reasonable, and ultimately, profitable for employees to engage in. When they do well, you do well; and when you do well, we do well. It’s that simple. (Although maybe it doesn’t sound simple at first!)


As a result, we don’t just offer some of the best industrial materials available, but our services are top notch, because our employees have a genuine investment in your satisfaction and continued business. The delivery of your materials will always be timely, and what arrives will be accurate. How many times have you received an incomplete or even incorrect shipment of materials or equipment, bringing your project to a screeching halt while you flail about, trying to quickly find (naturally more expensive) last-minute replacements? More than a few times, we’re sure, but you won’t have that experience with Joseph Fazzio, Inc.


The Best in the Business


Other services offered by Joseph Fazzio include shearing up to 1” thick and 12’ wide and forming up to ½” thick and 10’ wide. Our computerized, plasma flame cut machine can cut stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel in any shape you require, saving you the cost and trouble of having to go to a third-party to cut for you. The same is true of our saw-cutting services, able to take on up to 39” x 26” x any length you desire, and our hole-punching services as well. Finally, our wheelabarator blast machine can take on up to 44” x 96” x any length.















What we’re getting at is that we don’t just sell industrial supplies; we understand the process that goes into creating and using your supplies. We know what you need, and why you need it. That’s a rare find in today’s industry!


The fact is, America is growing again, and that’s ultimately why you need to come to us: because this country is built on the steel and concrete that we provide, using the heavy construction equipment that we offer. America is growing because we work hard – harder than anyone – and here at Joseph Fazzio, our employees know that every drop of sweat and elbow grease they put into making certain that you get top-notch service and materials will come back to them, with interest. That’s why you can trust that when you’re working with Joseph Fazzio, Inc., you’re working with the best, most hardworking people in the industry.