Magnetic Drills: An Attractive Alternative

While still mainstays in most fabrication shops, hand-held drills and stationary drill presses are quickly becoming dwarfed in utility by their magnetic cousins. Though it’s true that a standard drill press is capable of providing the power most jobs need, it fails to match the versatility of a portable model that can attach itself to any surface. Magnetic drills free workers to bring the tool to the project instead of the other way around without sacrificing – and sometimes even adding to – the strength of the drill. Making the switch provides a wide spectrum of benefits that make mag drills a necessary weapon in any arsenal.



Fit for any job.


Hand-held drills are limited by their strength and stationary drill presses are hampered by their bulkiness. Though each of those tools have their own strengths and uses, neither is capable of heavy-duty drilling across multiple job sites. Unlike their counterparts, magnetic drills have the versatility required to complete different tasks and navigate any tricky location. Smaller sized mag drills – such as Hougen’s HMD115 and HMD150 – are capable of fitting into tighter areas while still providing the strength of a full-sized drill press. Free from the standing structure of a traditional drill press, mag drills utilize their extremely powerful magnetic plates to achieve a strong foundation that keeps them drilling true lines. Because of their versatile nature, they can be used at different angels, drilling vertically or horizontally as needed. With lightweight, compact models available, Hougen drills can fit themselves into practically any tight area and get the job done without the fuss of trying to reposition the project.



Unrivaled power.


The usefulness of a magnetic drill press extends far beyond its magnetic base. Equipped with powerful motors, a drill press can greatly reduce the amount of effort needed for any job. The Hougan HMD915 heavy duty drill is a perfect example of the raw power drill presses can produce. With five variable speeds, it’s versatility allows it to succeed at delicate, low-power jobs while also having the strength to drill through virtually any material. With a magnetic plate base with dead lift capabilities over 1,000 lbs., the HMD915’s power isn’t only in the drill head, but in every aspect of the machine. At 75 lbs., it’s also fairly portable for the amount of strength it can produce, making it the ideal tool for any heavy duty task.


Dead-eye precision.


The worst thing that can happen when drilling is an inaccurate approach. Hand-held drills can buck or bite if the material under them is tough, and the stress from the drill head can cause even the sturdiest hands to struggle to keep it in place. Magnetic drills remove those possibilities from the equation. The primary appeal to mag drills is the large magnetic plates that form their base, allowing them to grip to metal surfaces and hold both the drill head and the entire machine firmly in place. Consider Hougen’s HMD914 model. The standard model can be fitted with a 3/8” plate with a dead lift rating of 1,245 lbs. or a 1” plate rated up to 2,230 lbs. With its astronomical attraction, the HMD914 can keep its drill head steady when tunneling through even the most resistant materials. Furthermore, it can now be ordered with a swivel base that increases its dead lift capabilities by an additional 100lbs. and allows it to rotate in place for projects requiring multiple insertions. By opting for the swivel model, users can obtain a drill that can form perfect circles of drill holes adhering to a strict geometrical pattern with no accuracy deviation. The drill itself keeps the measurements straight and locks the tool perfectly in place to negate any need for additional measuring.



Faster than a speeding drill bit.


Utilizing the right drill shaves time off of any job. With high-powered precision speed, a good drill can tear through tasks quickly and easily, cutting completion times into fractions. A drill like Hougen’s HMD155 portable mag drill is a perfect machine for cranking out light-duty projects and accelerating the overall job. Weighing about 20 lbs., the HMD115 can easily travel between workstations, quickly accomplishing fabricating and simple drilling tasks. Despite its small size, it is equipped with powerful magnetic plates that can ensure it holds its accuracy during any task, cramming as much power as possible into an easy-to-carry package. With high portability, the right magnetic drill can speed up any operation and can easily be transferred from one work site or project to another.