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Magnetic Drills: An Attractive Alternative

While still mainstays in most fabrication shops, hand-held drills and stationary drill presses are quickly becoming dwarfed in utility by their magnetic cousins. Though it’s true that a standard drill press is capable of providing the power most jobs need, it fails to match the versatility of a portable model that can attach itself toRead More »

4 Exciting Trends in the HVAC Industry

Changes across the construction industry as a whole are bringing changes to each related sector of the economy. Though such sectors stagnated in the early 2000s, industry stabilization is bringing increased demand which carries with it new trends. The HVAC industry in particular will see some exciting new changes in the coming years, in termsRead More »

Going Green in the Construction Industry

With energy dependence a growing concern in the United States, many companies have opted to transition to a “green” business model. Better for the environment and the economy, going green is a conscious business decision that isn’t without its merits in the construction industry. With numerous tax incentives available, green options save contractors money almostRead More »

At Last, A True Hardware Store

Ideally, your local hardware store should have the things you need, when you need them. While most hardware, to a certain extent, tends to be universal, it’s just not a possibility for a standard hardware store to have it all. It almost seems like a dream sometimes, the thought of being able to get everythingRead More »